1000 Hours1000 Hours To Success

by James Barton

Today’s market makes it an unstable place for any one trying to carve out a career. Previously ‘safe’ jobs are no longer safe and employees need to start thinking about a new strategy to protect themselves and their incomes.

The trick of course is to make yourself invaluable to an organisation and ensure that your skills exceed those of your competition.

Speaking with some recruitment colleagues, they are reporting that some jobs are receiving over a 1000 CV’s and the average in the market is close to 400.

That makes nervous reading for anyone looking to embark on a job change or new career.

The obvious question then is ‘how’ do you make yourself invaluable?

It is surprisingly simple: become a specialist.

You can see this truth work out in the medical profession. There are tens of thousands of nurses and health support workers, thousands of doctors, hundreds of consultants but only a handful of specialists!

Do you think these specialists are worried about job security? Of course not.. quite the opposite. They are constantly fielding requests for their services and they are paid accordingly!

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, research has shown that if you want to be a specialist you need to be willing to invest and invest in your time.

The HBR articles goes on to explain that if you want to become a world class expert or specialist, you need to invest AT LEAST 1,000 hours studying your chosen career.

How many people do you know are willing to do that? That’s right, the same number that are at the top of the medical field; a handful.

1,000 hours may seem a lot but actually when you do some scrappy maths it is relatively simple.

Just 1 hour a day means you can become an expert in 3 years

2 hours a day means you will become an industry leader in 18 months

3 hours a day… you get the idea!

So the question is, how much do you want to become an expert in your industry or career? Enough to turn off the TV for an hour a day, rise an hour earlier or turn the one hour commute into a mobile university?

The writing is on the wall that we all need to invest in our skills to protect our future and guarantee our success; the choice is ours.

At Mentor Group we are specialising in delivering high impact training and performance coaching to help you and your teams improve on their skills.

From ongoing programs delivering skills, to short burst ‘Coaching in the Cloud’, our training can add to your professional development plan and we would love to speak to you about it.

The 1000 hour ethos is part of our executive model and one we require our consultants to follow in their chosen field. From Coaching using the GROW model to negotiation Mentor Group have the experts to help.

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James is a Senior Associate and SFDC technology specialist working with Mentor Group. With over 18 years experience in IT, Sales and Personal Development James is known for his significant technical knowledge, high energy and innovative approach to any solution.